Does IPL hair removal work?

Many people will have asked this question when wondering if they should get IPL hair removal treatments or laser hair removal . 

Specifically, does it really work and when can I expect to see results? After all, there are so many different machines and treatments on the market; how can you determine which ones have the highest success rate?

Here we will highlight how IPL removes your unwanted hair and what you can expect from a course, before determining how successful it can be for you.

 What is IPL removal?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal is a method of removing bodily hair using focused light. The difference between laser hair removal and IPL is down to the spectrum of light being manipulated. IPL uses a broad spectrum of focused light compared to lasers which use a much narrower spectrum which can tend to be more painful. IPL hair removal will work through a handheld device which will create the correct  wavelengths of light; these wavelengths are then focused on the treatment area by fibre optic tubes. The wavelength of light targets the pigment in hairs which then heats up the follicle and alters the cells that cause hair growth. Although sounding painful the treatments are painless and, depending on the required treatment area, sessions can be as short as 5 minutes.

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 What differences you can expect to see?

IPL isn’t an instant miracle cure treatment, it won’t remove your unwanted hair overnight. It can take up to ten sessions to achieve your desired results, with a gap of around 6-8 weeks between each session. In the early treatment sessions the result can be misleading, after 1-3 weeks it will look like the hair is starting to grow back, it isn’t because the IPL treatment has killed the hair’s root. The unwanted hair stems remain within the outer skin (epidermis) and as your body’s skin renews itself it may appear that the hair is growing back, however as it emerges it will soon fall out. There will then be period of a few weeks where the treated area will remain hair free. However, after around 8-12 weeks when the skin renews, new hair will begin to grow back, this is when you should go for another session. After 6-10 sessions the unwanted hair should be largely removed. You should see up to an 80% reduction in their unwanted hair, with the remaining 20% being noticeably thinner and lighter.

In answer to the question does IPL work; Yes, it is one of the most effective methods available to remove unwanted hair. At the Face It IPL  clinic we have over 15 years experience with the IPL machinery and yet we are still amazed at its effectiveness.

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