The Face It Interview: an IPL client 10 years after treatment.

Being from an Asian background, I was blessed with long, thick, dark hair. Every girls dream! However I was unfortunately (blessed?) with thick hair across my face and body. I had previously tried every form of hair removal to deal with it: waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, threading and bleaching!

I suffered from polycystic ovaries which I was told contributed to the hair growth and I’m IPL treated Hair Free legs sure all the interfering I did, couldn’t have helped. Being hairy at a young age really knocked my confidence, going on holiday and wearing a bikini was not an option. I would be hair free for all of 24 hours before regrowth kicked in and I would have to tackle the hairs all over again. I had read about Lasers and IPL, but had my reservations. I had my first IPL appointment in 2003 at Face It and was hooked.  It changed my life. 10 years and 2 children later and I am still hair free!

The first appointment

I went for a consultation and test patch and was given a detailed explained how the treatment works and what to expect.  I was told that even with dark skin and hair that the IPL treatment would work. I was advised to start with 6 treatments but that it may take up to 12.

What is a test patch?

I had a test patch which is to make sure I did not have any adverse reactions to the IPL treatment. I had to fill out a medical history as well to make sure I did not have any contraindications.

What did you do to your hairs in between appointments?

I shaved in between my appointments but my hairs did not grow back as if they has been shaved they grew back softer and finer.

How long did it take before you saw results?

I saw results after my 5th treatment, my hair growth slowed down and in certain areas it even grew back finer.

How many treatments did you have?

After my first course of 6 I was happy but we thought it best to do 6 more to achieve even a better result.

How much hair did you have left after your 12 treatments?

I had areas of no hair especially on my lower legs, my knees had patches of finer long hairs and the back of my thighs had patches.

What do you do now?

For the first 3 years after my initial 12 treatments I went in for Top up treatments, these where to work on the patches and I had 3 or 4 a year. Now my hairs are very fine; I shave the few I have left every 8 weeks.

Was it expensive?

No, they do such good offers on the IPL that it makes it so affordable. If I think about the money and time I have wasted over the years to try and be hair free the IPL is worth every penny.  To be hair free in just over a few years for the rest of your life is without doubt totally amazing.

Did it change your skin or pigment?

No, in fact my skin is now nice and smooth as I don’t have the hair. I used to have a lot of ingrown hairs on my legs and bikini which during the course of treatments came out and the skin healed itself.

Did your pregnancy change the hair growth?

No, I had finished my 10 treatments by the time I was pregnant, most of the hairs had already stopped growing by then and the remaining hairs were soft. I shaved during this time and it didn’t change my hair growth.

Would you recommend Faceit’s IPL treatment?

Without a doubt, being the mother of 2 young girls I would never want them to go through what I went through as a teenager. I wish IPL treatments would have been around when I was younger.  It is one of my best investments. I do not have to worry about facial or body hair again; it is the best present I could ever have given myself.

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