The differences between LED and IPL skin treatments

When looking at resolving skin concerns you may find yourself looking at LED light therapy and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments. These are popular as they are both proven to be effective in drastically improving your skin’s appearance. Although they both offer a ‘photofacial’, there are subtle differences between the two. So what does each different treatment do for the skin?

IPL skin rejuvenation

IPL essentially stands for ‘intense pulsed light’ and can be used for either aesthetic or therapeutic purposes. This includes hair removal and treating skin for concerns such as rosacea, acne, sun damage, freckles, skin pigmentation and thread veins.

IPL uses technology where light is converted into heat energy. The selected light waves target pigments found in the skin such as the melanin in brown spots and freckles or in dark hair follicles. IPL treats the symptoms of pigment-related skin complaints very effectively; it can drastically improve the appearance of your skin and even out your complexion. IPL does not however address the cause of your skin problems, it is just highly effective in mopping up the symptoms of an underlying skin condtion.

IPL skin rejuvenation is typically administered professionally, such as at the Face It Clinic (Book Now). It is described as feeling like your skin is being snapped with a rubber band, and can sometimes be uncomfortable. It typically requires you to have between three and eight sessions, and then just requires periodic maintenance to top-up the treatment. Many people opt for IPL skin rejuvenation because of the impressive results it offers clients. Unlike with LED light therapy, IPL treatments are not suitable for all skin types.

LED light therapy

In comparison, LED light therapy involves holding an LED mask or lamp with varying light wavelengths to the affected area for a period of time. It is painless and very relaxing, and will improve the quality of your skin. It also helps to treat mild to moderate acne through sending a range of bright light-emitting diodes with low-level light energy into the depths of the skin.

LED light therapy promotes collagen production and increase the rate of skin cell renewal. This means that the treatment is effective in treating the cause of your skin complaints rather than just the symptoms as is the case with IPL treatments.

The LED light therapy can also be used on a majority of skin complaints and concerns. It typically requires between eight and 24 sessions, split over several weeks, and has been found to achieve great results.

Choosing between the two

Ultimately, both treatments are non-invasive and both provide excellent results with neither requiring you to take time out of work, have any surgery, or look visibly different during the treatments.

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