Top 10 benefits of IPL treatment

Hair is a funny old business – when it’s on our head, we’re spending a fortune primping it and styling it, dying it and cutting it. Some of us are shaving it all off, and others are getting false hair added back in. Yet on other parts of our body, it is a dividing topic. 

IPL Benefits

Whether it’s through waxing or shaving, plucking or hair removal cream, millions of people strip their body of hair elsewhere. From legs to arms, faces to pubic regions, hair removal has dated back centuries. In caveman days, it was a method of survival and was scraped off with sharp rocks or flint blades. In ancient Rome, hair removal was seen as a sign of wealth and they would use razors, tweezers and pumice stones. In ancient Egypt, hair was considered to be uncivilised.

Whatever your views on where you have hair, IPL treatment is fast becoming the millennials top choice of permanent hair removal treatment. At Face It Clinic, it is quickly becoming a favourite booking amongst our clients. In short, IPL stands for ‘intense pulsed light’ and is used for either aesthetic of therapeutic purposes. Along with helping to treat skin pigmentation, sun damage and thread veins, it is also used for hair removal.

Here are the top 10 benefits of IPL treatment:

1. Along with removing hair, IPL can help to improve the overall tone and texture of your skin.

2. It can help to prevent getting in-grown hairs, which can become painful and sometimes infected. These are often caused through shaving.

3. It targets structures in the skin, including blood, melanin and water in collagen. In using wavelengths of light, this breaks their structure down and boosts the skin. This can include stimulating collagen production, which helps to plump the skin and give it a younger appearance.

4. Treatments are neither surgical nor invasive, so you can quickly see a substantial difference without needing any recovery time. No one would even know you had been having IPL treatment, and you won’t need any time off work either.

5. Melanin is what increases with chronic sun exposure, and this is also where freckles come from. It is therefore hugely beneficial that IPL treatment targets melanin, as it allows for a simple way to dramatically improve dark spots.

6. The treatment can easily cover a large area of skin. In offering so many benefits, you can quickly remove your body of unwanted hair while also solving other problems (such as sun damage). It’s a multi-purpose method of improving your body.

7. When you’re not using IPL treatment for hair removal, you might want to consider IPL rejuvenation for anti-ageing purposes. It is an ideal treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, and can help to correct a number of skin concerns. 

8. IPL rejuvenation can also help to eradicate rosacea, blitz spider veins, and banish pigmentation. It is also thought to help bring about an end to acne, and deal with some signs of sun damage.

9. After the treatment, the treated areas will simply become darker and just naturally fall off and fade. You won’t need a large number of return visits.

10. Many patients notice a difference after their first treatment, and often return for a series of treatments for more noticeable results. It offers permanent, hassle-free results.

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