Donna Glazedonna mer is a renowned clinical skin educator with more than 30 years of experience in her field.

In 1987, Donna she opened the doors of her first clinic in Hampstead in 1992 she open her second clinic in Highgate and in 1997 she open her 3rd clinic in Temple Fortune after 5 years of managing her clinics and the birth of her 2nd son Donna realised she missed the hands on work and decided to sell two of her clinics and went back to her Highgate clinic to do the job she loved Treating the Skin .

For the past 15 years Donna has devoted herself to the study of skin physiology her passion for excellence in the practice of skin care has earned her wide recognition achieving the Environ Salon Of the Year award for 10 consecutive years and last year receiving a Life Time Achievement Award.
Five years ago she was asked to distribute the German skin care Dermaviduals, after considerable researching Donna saw the potential of this unique and diverse skincare line could offer.

Nothing makes Donna‚Äôs day happier to help people of all ages to achieve beautiful and healthy skin making her a leader in skin rejuvenation, her real mission is to inspire, educate, and to restore the skin’s barrier, preserve the skin’s health and help to maintain it’s youthful appearance.

She has pioneered treatments for difficult disorder and has proven effective even in the severest cases of problem skin. This unique program utilizes advanced light technologies and the correct cleansing to achieve positive, long-lasting results for people of all ages.
She educates other skin care professionals on her unique scientific and individualized approach.

We are members of

International Institute of Anti Ageing
Stratum Corneum Society.
The International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (ISAC)
I attend Skin Symposium regularly to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the skin and skin care to bring to the salon and to our clients.

I hope to see you soon!

Donna x

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