I took my 14 year old daughter to see Dasiy September 2015. Dasiy was very understanding and explained to myself and my daughter as to how the treatment will work and what to expect. After 10months my daughter is no longer self-conscious of her facial hair and I have told her we will do her underarms in the future.Joanne P

Monday, 18 March 2013

Face It Clinic, Highgate
One of the massive perks of writing this blog is that sometimes I get sent to meet people who not only love what they do but really know what they are talking about. Last Thursday was one of those days, and even though I was an incredibly rude 15 minutes late, thanks to a cancellation I was able to have a really interesting conversation with Donna at the Face It Clinic in Highgate and hear about an incredible, innovative new skincare range that she and her team have been trying out since 2010.

Being late always puts me on the back foot, I hate it, it’s so rude but trying to get anywhere for 9.30am when you have a small baby, and when that place is the other side of town, well it’s kind of impossible. I arrived slightly sweaty and shamed and I could tell Donna was at the beginning of a busy day and she did not necessarily think much of me waltzing in 15 minutes later than I was supposed to. So what started off as rather formal then descended into an amazing chat about skin, my skin, pregnancy and breast-feeding hormones, common misconceptions about skin and why she was so excited about Dermaviduals the not-so-new skincare range that she has been putting thorough it’s paces for two years.

I was there to talk about Dermaviduals, and this was to be a review of it, but having discussed my situation, my skin type and what the product actually does, and having completely enthused me with her passion for what she does the review of Dermaviduals is going to have to be ongoing. I can however, highly recommend Face It Clinic for those North London dwellers and in fact anyway willing to make the journey to Highgate (it’s rather lovely in itself so well worth a visit).

The clinic looks inviting although I always find these places rather intimidating – I’m not entirely sure why. It also only stocks serious products – nothing that’s there as a crowd pleaser. The ranges there have been tried and tested, they work and they are top of the range. I’ve had quite a few face and body treatments over the years and never have I been in the hands of someone with such incredible knowledge of skin and it’s needs. From now on I can’t imagine entrusting myself to anywhere else for treatments – one week of using the Dermaviduals and my skin has improved. I am definitely going back.

So I will be reviewing the Dermaviduals range but it will be in stages as I try the products out and my skin gets back to normal and ready for the bespoke range.

A visit at Face It Sara Beauty Journalist .

Donna explained in detail how the skin cells at different layers communicate with one another, and how her treatments impact the way that the skin regenerates. I was absolutely fascinated. I have a very low tolerance for pseudo-science when it comes to beauty treatments, adverts with some seemingly made-up-in-a-marketing-meeting jargon, new “technology” that never does what it promises. However, Donna’s explanation of how her treatments work was truly scientific. Face It is all about the science of the skin – “I really need to get to know my clients’ skin to tailor their treatments to their specific needs.”

Donna walked me through a consultation, first finding out what issues her clients have with their skin and then what their long-term goals are. “My job is to manage expectations with the time that we have,” said Donna. “

After our chat, I lay on Donna’s indescribably comfortable treatment table to try out one of these marvellous skin treatments  myself. I had laid out what I considered to be my own skincare problems, dry patches and wide, clogged pores. Rather than reprimand me over my lack of diligence when it came to my skin, Donna was extremely gentle, both in the treatment and in her approach. It actually really helped me to open up about how my skin had suffered from harsh red frown lines since I had lost my dad, and was extremely therapeutic on an emotional level too. I realised just how much stress had impacted the last year of my life. For the first time in almost a year, I relaxed and cut myself some slack.

However, after five minutes under the spell of a heavenly face massage, I knew that I was going to be coming back as a client, rather than a journalist.

After the treatment, I immediately booked my next and decided I would document changes to my skin over six months. I was completely sold on and hooked by the treatments and products, and decided to give them their best shot at making long-term changes.

Donna doesn’t just fix your skin temporarily by doing a nice facial that gives you good skin for a few hours, I was told. She goes a bit deeper to find out what the root of the problem might be.

Since I’ve been trying to solve the issue of my problem skin for a while with no real resolution, I’m hopeful but also mildly cynical as to whether this is actually going to work.

I made my way to the Face It clinic where Donna operates from, and as she sits me down and talks through my skin history, I quite like her no-nonsense approach – it’s firm, warm and reassuring. Also, she’s really interested in skin (not in a Buffalo Bill way, before you hesitate), and that really comes through with the advice she gives. One of the most illuminating things she makes me realise, after I ask her whether expensive beauty products are actually worth the money, is that a lot of the products we tend to use are cosmetic or aromatherapy style products which “have beautiful packaging and smell really nice, but don’t really do a huge amount for the skin.”

There’s no perfect rule when it comes to skincare – I suspect my spots are hormonal which no amount of face cream is going to fix. Would I visit Donna again for a facial? Absolutely – I haven’t visited another skin therapist  as knowledgeable as her.          Poona Bell Huff Post 



I am an active 40 year old (around 9 1/2 stone) who eats healthily. Regardless of how many exercise regimes I endure, I have been struggling with cellulite since my mid 20’s.  I began researching non-invasive cellulite remedies and came upon “endermologie” or lipo-massage”. After investigating Endermologie, I found that it is an FDA approved treatment that has been around since the 1980’s (even more convincing). Although I’m not a fan of ‘FAD’ treatments, the information seemed pretty interesting so I gave it a try.  It literally feels incredible – like a deep tissues massage and I began noticing a change in my skin after 2 sessions (don’t be discouraged though – apparently many don’t notice until 6-10 treatments). I have now completed 13 Endermologie Treatments and love the results. My leg doesn’t even dimple when I cross my legs (you know what I’m talking about ladies). 

This is the best place ever for the greatest skin. I always get compliments and highly recommend the environ treatments and products!

Face it! A breath of fresh air with honest appraisals and assessments with a no hassle approach to dealing with very sensitive skin. Love the facials and the response to using dermavidual products. A great improvement in my skin during the past six months and looking forward to the near six months. Donna said it would take a year to strengthen and improve my skin and I think she is right. 

As a newbie to face it and their products I was simply quite unaware of possibilities that the products and treatments could gain. I booked in for a consultation where I was sat down for a good half an hour and not only listened to what needed improving with my skin but a basis as to why my skin was like this, what skin care routine I would be following and was given a realistic view of the future and how long it would take to see an improvement. After only 4 treatments I have seen a huge difference in my skin tone and the reoccurrence of blemishes has slowed down. Obviously I am aware that changing the quality is a commitment and long term thing, but with face its help and easy skin plan that is suited to me I am so happy that I chose to come here.

Have been using the dermavidual products on my 18 month old baby who after a few months after birth developed eczema in the creases of his arms and knees. Aware of his distress and un-comfort I was quickly put at ease by the girls at face it who recommended a range of the products including a bath oil, cream and spray which can I say has worked wonders on his condition after only a week of use. I’ve since been back and restocked on products and haven’t stopped going on about them to friends and family. BIG THANK YOUS!

Avid fan of all the treatments! Have been on environ products for years and always come in for my monthly treatments. Also have ipl on most areas of my body! I have also occasionally come in for endermoloigie treatments a few weeks before events! Thank you to Face It for making me beautiful and I think my husband secretly says thank you too!