My daughter had been getting a few spots – nothing drastic, but as Donna has done wonders for my skin I thought that we should immediately go the expert. Donna explained how the current products, that my daughter was using, were stripping her skin of its natural moisture and were actually creating problems. Donna changed the type of cleanser, moisturiser and gave us a fortnightly gentle exfoliant – the results have been amazing. Both my daughter and I noticed a difference within days. Her skin was glowing, her blackheads were invisible and she had no spots. I now have a very happy teenager!

‘As a sufferer of PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome), I have had problems with adult acne for years. Having tried many products and facials in the past I was lucky enough to meet Donna at Face it 3 years ago. Donna approaches skin treatments seriously and does not make assumptions, she gives each client individualized treatment and products that work best for their skin. I am amazed with the results she achieved with my difficult skin over the years, I have much better skin quality, no scarring and most importantly I have fewer spots despite my hormonal condition. I can not recommend more Face it as a saloon; please do not waste time with “quick fixes”, rather come to Face it and find what really works for you. You will not regret your decision as your glowing skin will speak for itself!’