Environ Skincare

Environ was created by Dr Des Fernandes, a plastic surgeon from South Africa. Dr Fernandes created his range after experiencing two of his patients die from melanomas before the age of 23. With this in mind and in the extremely hot South Africa, Dr Des started studying the mechanisms of skin cancer. He generated a wealth of experience which provided him with facts about the benefits of skin Vitamin A and anti-oxidants.

He created a brilliant range with a focus on using quality Vitamin A and other active ingredients to protect, nourish and maintain a healthy skin. Environ should bought under they advise of a trained Environ skin therapist.Combined with the correct professional advice, Environ can give you a beautiful complexion and protect you in the long run!

To learn more about the range please visit the Environ site and you can learn more about the wonderful, Dr Des Fernandes, a pioneer in his field. Dr Des has given us permission to publish some of his insightful skin advice sheets which you can find on our skin advice page.