The Eye Lift Challenge:  We know we can change and improve the skin around the eyes and eye lids. As are so confident in what we are doing

We present you with The Eye Lift Challenge.

If you purchase an Eye Serum and take a clear photo of your eyes before  and 6 –9 weeks after there is no change we will refund you your money.

If your Eyes have improved so dramatically we will give you a 2nd Eye  Serum for Free. (as long as we can use your photos)

Myofascial Lift Massage A Natural Face  Lift Facial Massage. … A gentle face massage, using a range of techniques, to help relieve deep tension within the fascia thus releasing tension. This in turn will lift the muscle to where they should be. We combine this with microcurrent to make it super charged. 

We can include this in to any skin treatment  by adding 15 minutes for an extra £36.

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