Flawless Foundation

Why you will Love the New Customised Foundations.

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We know you like that dermaviduals is free from the nasties that hinder skin correction, such as fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, silicones, amines and mineral oils.
We know that you don’t like to be misled by marketing hype, so we never try to fool you or make promises we can’t keep.
We know you don’t like how frustrating it can be trying to find the perfect foundation that truly matches your skin tone and colour.
Introducing the dermaviduals deco range – mineral makeup we know you will LOVE.
You will love it because it is the Answer to any women’s dreams a customised foundation for their skin tone and their skin concerns. The dermaviduals deco range, like our skincare range, has NO nasties, unlike other makeup brands. Makes sense, right?
You will love it because we blend the custom foundation in front of you. You can make sure it is their exact colour match before sealing the bespoke foundation.


You will love it because the range is simple, yet it has everything you need:

How it works.

You will have a white base,
that you will mix the different pigments into,to make the white base in to a foundation for the tone of your clients skin.Bespoke Foundations. £35.00


What is a Nano-particle?

NANO1The composition of a nano-particle is very similar to the composition of a Liposome. Both are spherical membranes encapsulated in phosphatidylcholine- a natural product found in the wall of cells in the skin.

These nanoparticles provide an excellent delivery system for essential fatty acids. The nanoparticles liquefy on contact with the skin, allowing only the active ingredients to penetrate through the top layers; leaving the nano-particle itself behind. Not only does the phosphatidylcholine assist with the penetration of active ingredients but feeding the skin with these nano-particles is essentially feeding the cells more of their own membrane, aiding in growing and repair of cells.

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What is a Liposome?

dermavids for web 1We often hear about the use of Liposomes within skin care products, but why are they so fantastic? A Liposome is a tiny bubble (vesicle), made out of the same material as a cell membrane. Liposomes can be used to deliver ingredients and actives to the cells where they will be used.

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DMS – The new approach to dry skin

DMS - the new approach to dry skinCream with Derma-Membrane Structure (DMS)

New Approach for the Care of Dry Skin

Disturbances of the epidermal lipid barrier play an essential role in the pathogenesis of dry skin and dermatoses connected with this skin condition. An amelioration of the barrier function is therefore given priority in the care of dry skin. Additional targets include an increase of the moisture content and a smoothing of the skin. These requirements are met by a new cream with derma-membrane structure (Physiogel® cream, Stiefel Laboratories) offering advantages due to its innovative galenics and carefully selected ingredients compared with conventional o/w- and w/o- emulsions.

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The Stratum Corneum otherwise known as the top layer of skin,  was long thought as just a by product of other, more important processes. Research has now proved the Stratum Corneum as the primary function of the epidermis. The stratum corneum’s main aim in life is to keep unwanted irritants and antigens out while keeping much-needed skin moisture in.

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