Life Time Environ Achievement Award

Environ LifeTime Achievement Award.

We were honoured to achieve this award for the  recognition for our work and dedication in the Aesthetic Skin Industry. We have worked with Environ for 20 years and have Won the Environ Salon of the Year for 10 Consecutive Years

.The South African Skin Care that changed how we treated skins and the reason Face It is a  successful skin clinic treating all types of skin conditions

We owe Dr Des Fernandes our passion our enthusiasm in the Skin as he gave us the Environ range that was the first cosmeceutical product on the market that changes the negative effects of premature aging on skins.

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Varieties of vitamin A

Vitamin A is the dominant vitamin of the skin because it has a fundamental role in the control of normal activities of skin cells. Vitamin A is of great importance in controlling normal activities of the DNA of the nucleus of the cell as well as the mitochondria. Current scientific research work is uncovering the complex means by which DNA maintains the normal activities of skin cells.

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Vitamin C – The Facts

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and is naturally found in nature, while some animals have the ability to produce their own vitamin C, human beings do not produce vitamin C themselves and are totally reliant on the vitamin C they get in their diets. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and we do not have large stores of vitamin C in our body. If we don’t eat vitamin C then within about six weeks we develop the signs of deficiency of vitamin C, that is scurvy. Vitamin C is normally deposited in the skin and is an essential part of the anti-oxidant brigade to protect skin against free radical assault from the atmosphere and from ultra violet light. Vitamin C plays a very important in converting inactivated vitamin E back into an active anti-oxidant form of vitamin E.

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