The NeoGenesis Skin Study ~ 6 Months On. 

IT WORKS ~ If you are looking for a product that will change your skin keep reading. 

We have now trialled, tested, used only topically, used in clinic with treatments, we have  blended with Dermaviduals and used neat. We have even given some of our case studies non NeoGenesis to make sure it wasn’t the placebo effect! 

We have definitely given this product a run for its money 

Our Verdict.

It works and it is gong to be a game changer when it comes to looking after skin. 

We have never seen skins change so much with just a topical product.

The Skin looks (words from our case studies) ) 

Air brushed , Imperfections fade, Lines Soften , Skins look Younger, Spots are Smaller, Marks are Less, Skin looks better now than it did at 20. 

As one of our case studies  was asked. Are you having an affair as  you are glowing, when she said no I am trailing  this new skin product the reply was “No product  can make you look that good! “

We only  trialed these 3 products

  • The Eyes Serum last 6-8 weeks 
  • Skin Serum 7-9 weeks 
  • Recovery 3-4 weeks (but we have now blended this with some vitamin A and it spreads further and lasts 4-6 weeks)

So if you use all 3 products the cost per day is £4.80. Which is not a lot when you start to see a younger skin softer smoother skin.

                    As the saying goes “You are definitely worth it”

My advice (if you want it ) is do try these products  as I would never advise suggest or recommend something unless it was going to work, or to improve your skin. 

I can now honestly say this product has changed skin faster than any other product and to a different level . It will not replace dermaviduals but sits very nicely with it.

Dermaviduals looks after the strength of the Epidermis where NeoGenesis supports the Dermis and Extracellular Matrix. No other topical skincare line has achieved that type of structural change with just topical usage. 

You will not necessarily need all 3 but the Eye serum and the Skin Serum or the Recovery (blended with dermaviduals is a good place to start)

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  If you are not sure please pop in or call us for more information.or look on the Neogenesis web site .