Before and After

If you would like to be one of our models for us to use your skin images to show the changes NeoGenesis can have on the skin. 

In return we will offer you 20% off the products and 10 Free Leds

We will need you to book an appointment for us to take your first image. During this appointment show you the best product to suit your skin. 

You will need to come back ever 4 weeks for 3 months.

Skin Models 

If you have one of the following skin concerns 
  • Pigmentation, Acne
  • Scars Sensitivity                                                                                                     

Can you please send us an image of your skin and if we feel your skin conditions fits the criteria , we will arrange you to come in for a visit. You will need to make sure you can come in every month and commit  yourself  to following our skincare regime.

All treatments will be 50% off and products will be discounted heavily 
Please e mail all images to