Sugar hair removal Sugar Hair Removal

Sugaring hair removal derives from the ancient middle-east and is a natural, less painful and less irritating form of hair removal.

What is sugar made of?

Sugar is made with sugar, water and lemon juice formed to feel and be used like a wax substitute.

What will I expect in the treatment?

Sugaring  hair removal works in the same way as waxing. Hair is removed by applying a thin layer of warmed sugar to the treatment area and removing it with strips. For short hairs a sugar paste is used by applying the formula to the treatment areas and flicking it off with the hand in the opposite direction.

Why is it better than wax?

The natural formulation reduces irritation to the skin. Sugar grips on to the hair pulling them from the follicle without pulling at the skin or leaving redness and irritation like conventional wax treatments. With long term use of sugar, clients often notice a hair density reduction. Sugaring treatments also take a significantly shorter time than waxing as large amounts of the paste can be applied to the area without risk of it drying out.

How long will it last?

The results can last from 4 to 6 weeks depending on individual hair growth.

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