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Dermaviduals Vitamin B vs CM Glucan

As you may already know Dermaviduals plays host to over 25 actives in its Prescriptive range that can be used alone or combined to provide truly bespoke treatment and targeting results. We asked two of our girls what their favourite active is for treating Acne and put them head to head.

Wioleta: Vitamin BVitamin B

Vitamin B is good to use on a skin that is compromised. Not only will it be showing signs of spots and blemishes but also dryness and sensitivity. The bonus is that it helps to loosen congestion. We see acne as an inflammatory response and Vitamin B helps to calm down inflammation and thus help to settle down cystic spots. 

Daisy: CM GlucanCM Glucan

I’m a huge fan of CM Glucan. This works especially well on teenage skins which show signs of an imbalance. It helps to balance the bacterial floras which in turn helps to reduce hormonal spots or inflammation. It also helps to strengthen the skin barrier whilst being anti-bacterial to help fight off spot causing bacteria whilst the barrier is trying to repair.

Pre Teen & Teenage Skins

 For Pre-teens & Teenagers With Problem Skins.

What is happening to my skin: Up until puberty your sebaceous gland in the skin has never produced sebum (a type of oil that protects the skin) when your hormones of puberty kick in so does the start of sebum. You will see an oiliness, black heads you may even get red spots that can turn in to white heads. Your skin may feel rough and lumpy .

cartoon-acne-300x250At this stage the best thing to do is NOT PANIC. Go and tell a parent your skin is upsetting you and after reading this advice you will be clued up as to how to help it. Continue reading

The Face It Interview: an IPL client 10 years after treatment.

Being from an Asian background, I was blessed with long, thick, dark hair. Every girls dream! However I was unfortunately (blessed?) with thick hair across my face and body. I had previously tried every form of hair removal to deal with it: waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, threading and bleaching!

I suffered from polycystic ovaries which I was told contributed to the hair growth and I’m IPL treated Hair Free legs sure all the interfering I did, couldn’t have helped. Being hairy at a young age really knocked my confidence, going on holiday and wearing a bikini was not an option. I would be hair free for all of 24 hours before regrowth kicked in and I would have to tackle the hairs all over again. I had read about Lasers and IPL, but had my reservations. I had my first IPL appointment in 2003 at Face It and was hooked.  It changed my life. 10 years and 2 children later and I am still hair free!

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Are we fooled by advertising and packaging?

Are we fooled by advertising and packaging?

Apparently it helps fight the 7 signs of aging. I don’t know why the number 7, but Olay tell you there are 7 signs of aging and they pay very attractive models to sell their product so we believe the blurb and buy it.
How many of you actual turn the product around and read the ingredients on the back? Can you even see them? They’re normally in the smallest print and is probably written in white. Continue reading

Does IPL hair removal work?

Many people will have asked this question when wondering if they should get IPL hair removal treatments. Specifically, does it really work and when can I expect to see results? After all, there are so many different machines and treatments on the market; how can you determine which ones have the highest success rate?

Here we will highlight how IPL removes your unwanted hair and what you can expect from a course, before determining how successful it can be for you.

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Do over the counter skin care products work?

Over the last few years at has become increasingly difficult to buy a face cream. A huge array of new and ground breaking creams are available that promise to do wonders for your skin. Some will stop spots, some are able to fade away pigmentation and others will make you look younger.

Evolving skin care means, the list of active ingredient is endless, there are lists of ‘nasty’ ingredients to look out for and with  flawless marketing we are coerced into buying products with an eye-watering price tag. Continue reading

Sugaring hair

Sugaring hair waxing

Sugaring hair removal, an ancient middle-eastern practice uses an all natural paste or gel made from food-derived ingredients like sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root. The results can last up to six weeks and is gentle enough for facial hair and upper lip hair removal. Continue reading