Just how dirty does your skin get?

I don’t mean your body areas, I’m talking about the neck upwards, really – how dirty do you get?
For years we have felt the need to cleanse our skin. We ask for deep cleansing facials and we use abrasive scrubs, skin mitts, products with alcohol in them; all with the intention of giving the skin “A GOOD CLEAN”.
What if I was to say that over cleansing the skin can cause more problems to your complexion than not cleaning it at all?
Let’s break this down to how dirty our skin gets:
– If you are a coal miner then you will get very dirty skin
– If you work with mud then you will get dirty skinĀ 
In those two examples, yes you really do need to scrub your skin. However, if you do none of the above your skin only gets a surface layer of daily grease and grime from the pollution in the air, travelling on the tube or just being at home or work. The clever thing about the skin is that it has an amazing protective barrier that stops dirt particles from absorbing into it. They just sit on the surface of this clever organ without ever penetrating.
So if that is the case doing a deep cleanse is not really necessary. All you need is a cleanser that will remove this layer of grease and grime without any need to go any deeper. If you wear make-up then this layer of grease and grim will simply sit on top – so you just need a cleanser to clean your make up off and the job is all done!
Cleansers should not
I never use facial wipes. As easy and lazy as they are, they can sit on a shelf for years and years. To be able to do that, they have to full of all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. Do you want that on your skin? They can do more harm than sleeping with your make up on – a really big no-no in my book.
Alcohol cleanser: again are a big no-no as they will not only take off the grease and grime, but also the natural oils on the skin that act as the barrier. By removing them on a daily basis you will only comprise your skin and will actually be fighting against it. Over cleansing skins can comprise the delicate layer that is there to protect us from the grease and grime of the world – by over cleaning it you are putting your skin under undue stress.