Hormonal Acne or Adult Acne

Hormonal Acne/Adult Acne is generally categorised if you get the odd out break every month and if you are over the age of 20 and have started experiencing breakouts.

Some of us are plagued with the monthly break out that arise in correlation with your menstruation cycle. About 80% of all women will, at some time in their lives, suffer from some type of hormonal out breaks. This can occur in the form of one spot or a breakout of spots.

Female hormones make these problems inevitable for some of us. Use of contraceptive pills, pregnancy, pre-menopausal and menopause hormones add up to a greater propensity for hormonal acne. Women can spend their whole lives on the hormonal acne roller coaster. Males however experience one large hormonal flare-up in their teens and usually taper off from there.

While hormonal acne is frustrating, it can be supressed with regular skin care treatments and safe, therapeutic- products all used in the right way for your type of acne. Nutritional supplements can also improve the condition and clarity of the skin.

Will I ever grow out of Acne?

For the majority of people who suffer from acne, it is inherited from family genes. Pores have the tendency of clogging up with dead skin cells too quickly which causes a cascade of acne-forming events to happen. So, some people, never “grow out” of their acne until much older.

Let us first explain where things went wrong and then we can explain how we are going to help you.

Stage 1 – During puberty the body will start to produce hormones. These hormones will increase the flow of sebum, (the sebaceous cyte has not been stimulated before) so for the first time your beautiful, soft, unmarked skin now has black heads, white heads, spots and may feel more oily to touch. There are thousands of products available for all these conditions and you will be coerced by skin companies to wash and scrub your oil and impurities away. The question we never ask is, does the skin want to be scrub washed and cleaned? Quite frankly, no it does not. The skin is trying to do as Mother Nature intended, which is to create sebum (this is not the enemy but a very important substances that will become a vital fluid in the skins natural defense system to bacteria). Scrubbing only upsets the skins natural balance.

Stage 2 – The pill: I am not against the pill but if used too early or for too long it could cause havoc with your body’s natural balance of hormones. If you go on the pill to help your skin at a young age you may not give your body the chance to balance your hormones naturally thus causing problems when you decide to come off the pill, all you may have done is suppress your problem.

Stage 3 – For quite a while now you may have been using the wrong skin care for your skin but as nothing is working and the spots are still there you will be too scared to use anything else. The skin at this stage could be confused or upset.

Stage 4/5 – If you use even stronger products and try new drugs at this stage, the skin is as fed up as you are. It had a job to do and was programmed to do this, now it has lost its footing it may be so confused and as upset as you are. Strong topical creams and roacutane can damage the skin causing future problems ad 40% of roacutane users will experience reoccurring acne.

Our Adult Acne Treatments

Our job is to get the skin back to its natural balance, please bear in mind this will not be an over night fix and together we will treat and look after the skin to restore its harmony. It is important to make you know we CANT STOP SPOTS but we can make their appearance less frequent and problematic.

If you have experience this pattern of problem skin behavior, the next step is to come in and have a chat with us we provide a wide range of acne treatment for adults. We can advise you or the correct skincare for your concerns and work with you to improve your skin. Not two skins are the same or have been treated the same or act the same, that is why we need to see your skin to educate you in looking after your skin and your problems.