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Pre Teen & Teenage Skins

 FOR PRE-TEENS & TEENAGERS WITH PROBLEM SKINS. What is happening to my skin: Up until [...]

The Face It Interview: an IPL client 10 years after treatment.

Being from an Asian background, I was blessed with long, thick, dark hair. Every girls dream! However [...]

Are we fooled by advertising and packaging?

Apparently it helps fight the 7 signs of aging. I don’t know why the number [...]

Do over the counter skin care products work?

Over the last few years at has become increasingly difficult to buy a face cream. [...]

Dermaviduals Baby & Children Range

Dermaviduals is the first choice for looking after the ultra delicate skins of babies and [...]

Effective Anti-ageing Products

Dermaviduals: Age Repair Concentrate & Age Repair Cream  The Dermaviduals age repair concentrate comes complete [...]

Sugaring hair

Sugaring hair removal, an ancient middle-eastern practice uses an all natural paste or gel made [...]

Is an SPF enough?

With Summer hopefully on its way and for the ones that will go abroad in [...]

SPF Story

There is a  lot of hype  as to the truth behind using an SPF every [...]

What is a Nano-particle?

The composition of a nano-particle is very similar to the composition of a Liposome. Both [...]