Myofascial Release

A Relaxing massage that will iron out the skin.

The Facial Contour Massage is a facial technique that elevates the results of a typical microcurrent facial by engaging and working with the superficial fascial network. Fascia is one of the most overlooked contributors to aging, and could easily be referred to as the hidden fountain of youth inside our bodies. By releasing the facial restriction, we rehydrate the tissue and restore it to it’s regular shape. It is this hydrated and supple quality of the fascia why we believe this technique yields the most miraculous anti-aging and reverse aging benefits, especially when combined with microcurrent.

It is done by applying gentle, but sustained pressure onto the trigger points and it works by easing the tightness and tension in the face. It is done by your therapist, that will feel the fascia to see what area are feeling stiff or tight (normal tissue should feel elastic and pliable). Your therapist will then begin to strech and massage the areas that feel stiff and rigid, with light pressure. The process will then be repeated on different trigger points until the tension feels released.

People who also suffer with headaches may benefit from the Myofascial Release treatment as well. It is a treatment that generally releases tension and aims to stretch and work up the muscles of the face. This anti-aging tool is also popular for the simple fact that it’s one of our most relaxing treatments here, so people also aim to get this done as a de-stresser.

We will use this method in our bespoke skin treatment if we feel the skins and facial muscle need to be relaxed and unwound. As we combine this with micro-current, it is a very effective anti-ageing tool.