What Is Sonophoresis?

The Sonophoresis machine uses ultrasound vibrations to disrupt the skin’s barrier, helping us to deliver ingredients into the lower layers of the skin.. Sonophoresis is 500 times more effective than when you apply your skin care manually.

The ultrasound vibrations from the Sono machine momentarily create little spaces in the outer layers of the skin, by disrupting the barrier, allowing greater absorption of applied product. The infusion technique and associated product application can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin.

It can be used to infuse serums for many different concerns. A great reason for using the Sonophoresis machine, especially in winter, is to infuse some extra hydration. We all feel the effects of winter on our skin and after a microdermabrasion or even a good manual exfoliation that is the prime time to get the nutrients back into the skin before any more debris builds up.

Another complaint we can use the Sono for is ageing. Infusing some Vitamin C and A will work on boosting collagen and refining the skin to combat signs of sagging or lines developing.

Brightening serums are another great example of combating pigment concerns, again an amazing example of a serum to infuse if that is your concern.

The Sonophoresis treatment can give immediate visible results post treatment, gives a refreshing appearance and with no downtime at all. There is really no excuse not to give it a go!

We currently use the Sonophoresis within our Bespoke Skin Treatment. It is suitable for all skin types, both young and old and we can customise serums and masks to suit your skin needs and your concerns.

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