Therma Vein

Will remove unwanted skin lesions.


Black Heads

Skin Tags

Cherry Angioma

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

How long will the Therma Vein treatment take?

The time taken to treat any of these conditions will depend on the size, number and nature of the problem. In addition, the clients’ personal expectations can also alter how much is performed at any one session. It is important that the area treated is not ‘overworked’, therefore treatments are spaced out at regular intervals. Your Skin therapists will discuss these issues at the initial consultation and will keep you informed regarding the progress with ongoing consultations at the start of the treatments.

Blood Spots (Cherry Angioma)

Blood spots are bright red, vascular blemishes which develop on the body (very often on the trunk or torso) and develop naturally as the skin ages and cell renewal slows down.

Skin Tags / / Milia / Black heads

Skin tags are very common and normally found around the bust, neck or areas of friction such as the underarm. They are harmless, but can be both unsightly and irritating.
Milia are very small, white, hard keratin-filled cysts which lie superficially under the surface of the skins, commonly around the eye area.

Consultation £60.00

Please call us to book in for a consultation regarding any of these skin problems or any other skin lesion you may have: 02083401770.

Before we are able to book you in for an appointment, we would need to book in a consultation first. We like to ensure we have all the factors that have come together to create the problem, and in doing so finding the root of the problem, before deciding on the best course of action.

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