My Name is Donna Glazer and I have been treating skins for over 30 years. I have set up Complexion out of sheer frustration of the amount of untruths false hope and people trying to make money from your desperation of having a bad skin.

My day job is treating skin, all day every day. I understand the structure function and physiology of the skin. The skin is smart dynamic organ and not overly difficulty to treat if you can understand what it wants.

If you are at your wits end as to how you can help your skin please stop looking for this miracle cure and let us give you advice for your skin, not false hope.

We follow the principle of Corneotherapy so will help to heal repair and restore the skin.

We will work with you as it is your skin ,we will tell you what you may be doing wrong. Make you understand your skin. Tell you from our own personal experiences of treating skins every day what works and what doesn’t. We will take away the confusion and misinformation that is available

We believe everyone deserves to have a Complexion they should be happy to look in the mirror and hold their head high.

You may be asking what is the catch, there isn’t one, it doesn’t cost us to pass on our knowledge and what is the point in having this knowledge if we don’t share it.

If you trust us and let us help you and guide you through this midfield of getting an even skin it will be the best thing you can do for your skin