Test Pilot



As we are the distributor of dermaviduals Uk, we would like to offer you our clients the chance to join our Test Pilot Program

What is a Test Pilo A test pilot uses only our skin care for a few months sometimes years to show the efficiency of the products on the skin long term.

Why do you need test pilots: We believe in our range 101% and know it works on the skin, we would go as far as saying it is most probably the most effective skin care on the market, but unless you have a marketing budget in millions small private  skin care brands get lost in all the marketing hype. We would like to build up an evidence based  portfolio this will be in testimonials and images (images will only ever be used with your written permission ) and offer real  stories on how dermaviduals helps a wide selection of different  skin concerns covering skins from head to toe.

If you  or someone you know suffers from any of the skin concerns below, please do send us an email signing up to our program

  • Dermatitis Especially on the hands
  • Sensitive skins face and body
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Skin on the Body .
  • Sensitive Scalps
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Reactive Skin 
  • Dull lifeless skin 

The prodcuts we are piloting are from October 2021

Please log on to our store to learn more about the prodcuts 


Shampoo Bar 

Lid Lotion 

Hyaluronic  NAG 

EGCG Liposome

Individual Mask 


How much will it cost.  The products will be  heavily discounted once you return your feed back form.we will then give you a voucher as a Thank You.  Every time you test pilot a product you will get given points and these points will become money off your skincare products.

 You could eventually be in a situation where you hardly pay for your skin care.

What will I have to do. We will send you a  form and may ask for photos ,if necessary. You wll trial the product for us and fill in the form. We may ask you to trial for 1 month or many be 3 depending on the prodcut and your skin. 

We will be 100% transparent..

Please email skintestpilot@gmail.com