Our Products

Our team at Face it have tried and tested all our products before we allow it on our shelves.

We will only use professional brands that are not mass marketed, but that are high quality and science based. All our products are result driven and will change your skin, giving you long-term results.

We have been using Dermaviduals for 15years and have found them to be one of the most effective skin care brands we have used. Dermaivduals is a no frills no, fuss no skin care product range, that contains exactly what the skin needs.

Dermaviduals works with the concept of Corneotherapy. To put it in simple words, the principles of Corneotherapy revolve around protection as opposed to stripping, Corneotherapy believes in preserving the epidermis at all times, which is our mantra here at Face it.

NeoGenesis is a game changer , for topical skincare . We have had the most fantastic results with this range and every day we are still amazed as to how we are changing our clients’ skin. It isn’t often you find a topical skincare that works so well and carries on changing the skin.

The ranges can be used separately, or we sometimes combine it with dermaviduals . Your skin care regime will be prescribed to you by one of our experienced therapists, and will be based on an initial consultation. Because there are many environmental factors that can change and alter our skin’s happiness, we are working closely with our clients to make sure the products they are using are matching their lifestyle and life stage. We are constantly monitoring and reflecting on how the products prescribed to you are working, by analysing and reviewing them every few weeks in the beginning, and then every few months.

The goal is to achieve a skin care routine that you can stick to, that will work and that will give you long-term results.

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