Oncology Safe Skincare

NeoGenesis and Dermavidals a safe skincare while you are under going Cancer treatments,

Oncology Related Skin, Hair and Nail changes

Healing and preventing infection during and after cancer treatments is a must. NeoGenesis products contain the S²RM® molecules that naturally heal the skin, delivering nutrient rich molecules to areas inflamed, sunburned and peeling from the effects of cancer treatments.

Our most advanced product Recovery, abundant in S²RM® molecules is the product to use for skin healing anywhere the body is affected from cancer treatments. Recovery immediately begins to naturally heal and calm the skin where these symptoms exist. If additional hydration is needed, follow Recovery with our skin barrier repair creams from Dermaviduals

To help with restoring hair loss, the NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum, NeoLash, NeoLash and NeoBrow products are formulated with S²RM® technology and other signalling molecules that can begin to restore hair loss in a natural, healthy way.

NeoGenesis and dermavidals have several products that are Oncology approved for use before, during, and after cancer treatments. Please book in for a product review and we can at least help you take the worry out of what skincare you can use and one that will work.