Changing Skins. Changes Lives

Our Philosophy is no one should be unhappy with their skin.
Our Job is to make you happy with your skin.


We have said to our clients over the years if we went home with you and followed you around and told you day by day how to treat your skin with in a few months your skin would start to improve, but we can’t go home with you (unless you have a beach house in Malibu then may be we can bend the rules) 

  • We  change your skin by educating you in your skin 
  • We understand the structure and function of the skin,
  • We understand how it works
  • We know how to repair it when it goes wrong.
  • We have sourced  the best skincare  that will deliver  changes 

Our Job is to educate you, so when you go home you know how to look after, you know what to expect , you don’t have any false hope or unrealistic goals.  

With our  nonsense and down to earth approach, we change all skins. As long as you Listen to Us. 


About Donna

Donna is London’s Number One Skincare Expert, with over thirty years experience and advanced training in cosmetic science, meaning her skincare knowledge is unrivalled. Her passionate love of skin, her curious mind and empathetic nature combine to make her a leading industry figure. Her position as a skin care innovator and her instinctive understanding of trends mean she is the go-to skincare expert.

Donna trains all her skin therapists with an extensive skin training program so if you cannot get to see Donna herself you will be in safe hands with one of her girls.

She and her team are members of the International Institute of Anti-Ageing, the Institute of Corneotherapy and the Stratum Corneum Society. They are also active supporters of the Complexion Organisation, an organisation that offers help and advice for people that suffer from self-esteem issues regarding their skin.  They attend the latest skin symposiums and continue to study and train in the physiology of the skin and the science of cosmetic chemistry. The clinic obtains the latest and most advanced technology in skin treatments to provide the most effective results. This may explain why they are in their 10th consecutive year as Environ Salon of The Year and last year won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Our philosophy is to only offer skin care treatments that we know work. We are keen to help you understand your skin, what we do and what we use in order to do the best for your skin.  As Thomas Edison once said ‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame.’ We want to make your skin beautiful, healthy and happy!”

We look forward to meeting you soon