We offer bespoke skin treatments tailored to your skin’s needs.

As no twohumans are the same, norare two skinsWe treat each skin uniquely.

Here is what to expect from us:

Our love and passion for treating all things skin related makes us unique and unlike any other skin clinic.

Donna’s passion is helping people understand how easy it is to have a beautiful skin, as she believes everyone deserves to be happy with their complexion. Her team of skin therapists all share the same drive and passion to give you the skin you deserve. Our mission is to change and restore the health of your skin and dramatically minimise your concerns for years to come.

Our philosophy:

Your First Visit
Your first visit will begin with a skin consultation to analyse your skin and determine the needs of your skin. We will discuss the history of your skin, looking at causes as to why it may be in trouble. We can work out an individualised treatment based on your concerns. We will only set you realistic goals and expectations. If we feel your present skincare or lifestyle could be the cause of your concerns, we will make you aware of this.  It is all about informed choice. In your first visit, we will give you some take-home products for you to try, if we feel your home care is detrimental to your skin, we may ask you to stop using them. 75mins Donna £149 Therapist £139.

2nd Visit
Depending on your skin and the severity of your condition, we many ask to see you again in 2 weeks. This is a 15 min chat plus a 30 min LED treatment, as it allows us to make sure you are seeing some changes and your skin is happy with the products we trialled. We will only advise this 2nd treatment if we feel we need to see your skin sooner than 4 weeks. We only charge you for the LED treatment £30.00.

Your Ongoing treatment
We may advise to see you every month to treat your skin or depending on your skin and the reason you have come to see us, we may only need to see you every 6-8 weeks.

The reasons for monthly treatments :  This is due to years of experience has told us that monthly treatments are the most effective in achieving results and for you to see a change in your skin. Within 4 months (that is 4 treatments) you can expect your skin to be different. Depending on the severity of your concerns, result may vary. We of course understand not everyone has the time to commit, or even the financial resources. We are only too happy to work out a treatment plan to work together with your lifestyle and your pocket. If you come in monthly your 4th Treatment will be FREE.

6-8 weekly treatments: With the Face It hub we are able to offer you virtual advice and keep your skin looking good from the comfort of your own home. Our job is to educate you on how to look after your skin as we can’t go home with you.