Here is what to expect from us:

My love and passion for treating all things skin related makes us unique and unlike any other skin clinic.

My passion is helping people understand how easy it is to have a beautiful skin, as she believes everyone deserves to be happy with their complexion. Crstina and Chhaya have worked along side me for many years and we all share the same drive and passion to give you the skin you deserve. Our mission is to change and restore the health of your skin and dramatically minimise your concerns for years to come.


Changing your Skin :

Your First Visit 75mins 
Your first visit will begin with a skin consultation to analyse your skin and determine the needs of your skin. We will discuss the history of your skin, looking at causes as to why it may be in trouble. We can work out an individualised treatment based on your concerns. We will only set you realistic goals and expectations. If we feel your present skincare or lifestyle could be the cause of your concerns, we will make you aware of this.  It is all about informed choice. In your first visit, you will  take-home £35 worth of  products for you to try, if we feel your home care is detrimental to your skin, we may ask you to stop using them.

 Donna £180 (50% has to be prepaid and is non refundable.)

Cristina and Chhaya First Treatment £154  

Your Ongoing treatment
We may advise to see you every month to treat your skin or depending on your skin and the reason you have come to see us, we may only need to see you every 6-8 weeks. We work with you as we appreciate your time is valuable as well as the financial commitment.

Donna £165 

Crisitna and Chhaya £145 (if you come in montlhy for 4 months you will get your 4th treatment  is FREE. This does not apply if you have  treaments with Donna 


Some TLC:

If you just need a little TLC but still would like to give your skin a natural glow we can offer you that. Please just let us know when you book or come in . 

We offer bespoke skin treatments tailored to your skin’s needs.

As no individuals  are the same, nor are two skins. We treat each skin uniquely.