All gift vouchers are valid for one year from purchase date. Vouchers can be used against retail purchases and/or treatments. Out of date vouchers will not be valid. Lost, stolen or misplaced vouchers cannot be redeemed.


Refunds will only be given if a product is faulty or has caused reaction. In the case of a reaction, a reaction form will need to be completed to make the manufacturer aware of the fault in question.


All our courses have to be used with in the specified time limit. We will make you aware of this when you purchase your course. All course are non transferable.


We like to make clients aware that arriving late for a treatment in turn messes up our appointment schedule. We endeavour to accommodate you and may have to cut a treatment down if you do not arrive on time. If you are late consistently, we may charge for the treatment missed.


We require 72 hrs notice for cancellations. Failure to provide notice will result in a cancellation fee or deduction from your pre-paid course. We aim to be understanding however consistent cancellations will result in us having to ask for a deposit when booking appointments .For Saturday appointments we will require a pre payment to be made to secure the appointment and to cancel or reschedule an appointment on a Saturday we will require 6 days notice .


We have priced our treatments competitively. We strive to give you a high standard of service and a high standard of treatment within a clean and hygienic environment. We only employ highly qualified therapists that have the knowledge and understanding to deliver a high standard of treatment.


If at any time we have upset you please remember to speak to our staff with respect. Any upset would have been caused by human error, a misunderstanding or even a computer glitch which we aim to sort our quickly. If you feel a situation has not been dealt with correctly, please e-mail donnaglazer@me.com.

We endeavour to provide a reliable professional and quality service at all times