Dermaviduals Vitamin B vs CM Glucan

As you may already know Dermaviduals plays host to over 25 actives in its Prescriptive range that can be used alone or combined to provide truly bespoke treatment and targeting results. We asked two of our girls what their favourite active is for treating Acne and put them head to head.

Wioleta: Vitamin B

Vitamin Bis good to use on a skin that is compromised. Not only will it be showing signs of spots and blemishes but also dryness and sensitivity. The bonus is that it helps to loosen congestion. We see acne as an inflammatory response and Vitamin B helps to calm down inflammation and thus help to settle down cystic spots.

Daisy: CM Glucan

I’m a huge fan of CM Glucan. This works especially well on teenage skins which show signs of an imbalance. It helps to balance the bacterial floras which in turn helps to reduce hormonal spots or inflammation. It also helps to strengthen the skin barrier whilst being anti-bacterial to help fight off spot causing bacteria whilst the barrier is trying to repair.