The Lift Treatment

The Lift and Iron Skin treatment 

Defying Gravity 

Defying Gravity

Earlier this year we had an idea,  could we prevent some gradual Signs of ageing. For example:

  • When your jawline is not as defined.
  • When the lines from you nose to your mouth (nasolabial fold )  are too defined.
  • When your neck can start to  look a bit turkey neck  or crepey.
  • Your skin just doesn’t have the volume it used to.  
  • Your eyes may need a lift. 

                       We asked ourselfs can we defy gravity?

For the past few months we have done many studies on this and we are fairly confident may be we can. 

How : We have used the use of micro current  that has been around for many years but our machine is a super charged version and is the only one in the UK.  We combined this with using the Dermavidals skincare and the LED light and our hands. 

We have so far been impressed with the results.

We want to take this study further ,so we now need some willing faces to see how long to the effects last and how much of a lift  can we make .

You do need to be at least 35/40 plus and starting to see some subtle changes in your skin.

We have reduced this treatment more than 50%  (£75) and would like you to do at least 2-3 either once a week or twice a month. If you are would like to be in our study please email us