If you do not live Near Us….

Helping All Skins

How we can help if you do not live that Close . 

New Ways Making Sure you have Great Skin (if you can’t come in regularly for treatments) 

We are aware of the over whelming advice and 1000’s of different skincare products available. All promising to change your skin. 

The issue with that is cosmetics companies for many years has been a One Size Fits All.

That model does not work anymore that assumes we are all the same. 

Skincare today has to be tailored to

  • Your skin
  • Your life your lifestyle
  • All the other variables that happen day to day

At Face It we have many ways to help you understand what Your Skin Needs.

Option 1. Book in for a Skin Treatment, we will work with you to understand your skin, as we can then touch and feel your skin, see how your skin responds to our skincare, this puts us in a strong position to give you advice as to how best to look after your skin at home. 

Within this treatment we will give you some take home skincare that will last for 2/3 weeks as we need to understand how your skin then feels and looks a few weeks of using them at home.

We will arrange a Zoom chat 2/3 weeks later to make sure your skin and you are happy. 

We are then at hand to help you to make sure you are using the correct products all year. Some of our clients may have 3 treatment a year to just make sure their skin is getting what it needs. 

Cost £180. 

Option 2 We can offer a Zoom Consultation with some take home products and a 2nd Zoom in 2/3 weeks 

Cost £90

Please give us a call 02083401770 or email info@faceit.uk.com