Some Changes at Face It

Running a micro business these last 3 years has been extremely testing with Covid and now the Financial issues we are all facing . 

We have made the decision not to  increase our prices  this year as we felt it would not be right for the current financial situation as we appreciate and value our clients loyalty and custom. 

For us to be able to do this we have kept our running cost low as low as we can this means we will not have someone on reception all the time .

These are the changes we are needing to make 

  • We are now By Appointment Only Monday to Saturday, the door will be locked and you will need to ring the bell to get in .
  • Please book your appointments with Cristina online 
  • Please do not email us to book an appointments 
  • All orders for skincare must be done via our online store. 

Our cancellation policy for Saturdays is 5 working days and 3 working days for the week. Please understand from our situation. If you book an appointment and hold it for a month then only give us less than 24 hrs notice we will not fill that appointment and then we lose that days income but our overheads stay the same As a small business this could cripple us, so we ask you kindly to only book appointments you know you can keep. 


Thank you very much for your understanding.