Do You Respect Your Skin’s Flora System

Over the years we have been educated to understand the negative effects certain foods can have on the flora system of our stomachs.

  • Food intolerances are on the increase
  • Irritable bowel affect 1in 5 of us
  • We are aware of the benefits of probiotics to help the flora of our stomachs
  • And no one will go out of their way to get an upset stomach .
  • We are truly educated in the health of our gut

As the stomach may have an upset so can the skin, the difference is with an upset stomach it may be hard to leave the house with an upset skin we cover it up and go outside (I don’t suppose you can call in to work and say “I have an upset skin today so staying at home”)

Unfortunately our perception of how we look after our skin’s health has not been updated for 30 years

Education in how we look after and treat our skin needs to change.

The flora system of our skin can get upset by applying the wrong topically ingredients Understanding the importance of your skin flora can get you on the right track to having an even skin complexion.

An upset skin will look :

  • Red
  • Reactive
  • Spotty
  • Lumpy
  • Sensitive
  • Dry
  • Plus so much more

We all have that friend that can eat all the rubbish and never get bloated, feels sick or pay for it the next morning the same goes for the skin , some of us can use the cheapest nasties products and our skin is ok but the majority of us this is not the case .

As some of us have become intolerant to certain food groups the same can go for certain topically applied ingredients, you can use a cream for a month or so before the skin can become intolerant to it.

When we have had an upset stomach we eat very little and we only drink water until we know the stomach has settled and repaired

The same must go for the skin when the skin reacts do not think you need to apply another topical ingredient to heal it leave the skin alone for a day and let the skin repair its self.

2 out of 3 of our clients that come to us with a skin concern have normally been caused by the wrong use of skincare.

The education and understanding of how certain food groups can upset the stomach did not happen overnight. Our perception of how we should treat our skin is starting to change.

A new breed of Skin Therapists are evolving who have combined a true knowledge of the function and structure of the skin with the cosmetic chemistry of topical ingredients.

You can now be educated in how you can respect your flora system of the skin and prevent further skin upsets.