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You heard it here first . 

There hasn’t been much in skincare that has excited me since Environ and Dermaviduals, so it’s with great excitement that I think we have found the next best thing.

It is one of the most intelligent skin products we have ever used.

We are honoured to be the first skin clinic in the UK to stock this range, they are quite picky as to who they give this to..

The good thing is the range is very small so you would either swap one of your skin products for a NeoGenesis, or just add it to your home care. Very simple.

The Science bit  (if you are interested it is quite mind blowing)

Combining Mother Nature and Science

A very clever scientist  Dr Greg Maguire has used adult  tissue stem cell. With ingenious technology  he has released the exosomes from these stem cells which contain all the active molecules.

This product is like nothing we have ever used before and could change how we think of topical skin care for the future.

This product can work on a variety of skin disorder from ageing to eczema, scars and wounds.

In our 6 week study we saw the most amazing results .

Even we feel it is too good to be true!

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