Independent Skin Study

Independent Skin Study 

We are working with dermaviduals skin care that are  looking for people to help them with an independent research study on the effects of topical, emulsifier free, skin care on skins that are suffering from the following skin conditions.

  • Rosacea
  • Acne

Dermaviduals is 20 years old skincare from Germany. It works on the principles of Corneotherapy first devised by Professor Kligman., It is a professional skin brand only sold via skin professionals. We have  worked extensively with this range at Face It  for 4 years, with very successful results . We have over 20 years experience in the skincare industry and run our own skin clinic in Highgate, North London .
We already know these products are effective, we just need to widen our study further.
If you are interested in helping us with our study then in turn we can help you with your skin.

Study Criteria

Must be over 18 years old
Must be able to attend 3 appointments at our clinic in Highgate, London
Must have either Acne, Rosacea or Eczema.
You must be willing to comply with our home care and not use other products whilst on the study.
You must be willing to allow us to take photos of your skin during the study.
We will supply you with free products for the period of the study (3 or 6 months)
We may ask you to take photos yourself during this study .
If you are interested or want more information regarding our skin study please e mail us your details and a picture of your skin to