Is an SPF enough?

With Summer hopefully on its way and for the ones that will go abroad in search of some sun, will your SPF protect you from the UV rays.

There are enough papers written for us to know that an SPF may  only stop the skin from burning, an SPF may  not prevent the damages of the sun. Dr Des Fernades the maker of Environwas one of the first skincares to use anti oxidants in his SPF.

Antioxidant vitamins, used orally and topically, have been proven to enhance conventional sun protection by addressing the UV rays which get through even high level conventional UV-B and UV-A screens.

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a high SPF cream is not the ultimate sun protection solution. Studies show that people who wear higher SPFs can put their skin at greater risk of damage by staying in the sun three times longer.

There is also evidence that some sunscreen ingredients can trigger free radical damage once they have been absorbed unless they are frequently re-applied. Antioxidant vitamins significantly reduce the impact of free radicals that can damage DNA and lead to the destruction of collagen and elastin.

Dermaviduals have created pre sun blendand an after sun blend  to help protect and prevent the damaging effects of the sun. We want to enjoy the sun, absorb some Vitamin D but not potentially damage the skin.

Pre Sun Blend: Apply this before sun exposure, alongside an SPF. The pre-blend protects the skin from the harmful UVB rays and helps fight free radical damage. It contains:  Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Hamamelis, Vitamin C .

After Sun Blend: An After sun blend will put  back and repair any of the UV damage. It contains :
Aloe Vera, Boswellia, Kiwi Seed Nanoparticle, Vitamin A, Whitening Concentrate for the Pigmentation.

So next time you slap on the SPF make sure you have applied some topical anti oxidants before or after to make you Sun Safe.