What is peeling?

We have been peeling the skin since way back in the Egyptian times with Cleopatra bathing in asses milk and over the years the types of peels have changed as we learn more about the structure and functions of the skin. In today’s world you need to understand the best choice of treatment for you. I would like to suggest to you to “think twice” before you would ever need to peel this wonderful organ.

Why should I get a peel? Acne, sun damage and congestion are all skin concerns that a peel may be beneficial for – all these skins will have too much dead skin, so peeling is a good option but do keep in mind peeling as a stand alone treatment is not ideal, as once you have peeled it is an ideal time to feed the skin with active ingredients to improve the new cells thus in turn you will change your appearance of sun damage and acne.

Peeling for aging skin: A peel is not advised for skin that is thin and fragile.If it is a thicker skin then a gentle peel can improve the colour and texture but do not ever peel as a stand alone treatment, always incorporate it with some food for your new cells as peeling alone will not change the skin.

I do not advise peeling for pigment as your pigment is so deep within the lower layers of your epidermis there is little or no point in peeling as you may only make the problem worse when you get exposed to UV light (like daylight).

Peeling is not straight forward, there are many different types of peels:


A medical peel will be done by a doctor and can vary in depth, and include a deep peel, laser resurfacing and chemical peel ; these peels into the dermis to cause trauma to the skin, which will then increase collagen. This treatment is intended to achieve skin rejuvenation. This is now known as quite an aggressive way to achieve youthful skin. There are now more advanced treatments that do not traumatise the epidermis and have far superior results.


A cosmetic peel will be done by a skin specialist or a beauty therapist. It can be known as AHA Peel, or a Green Peel or Dermabrasion. This type of treatment is used to help remove layers of the epidermis and can assist with sun damage, acne skins, problem skins and sometimes certain types of pigmentation. It is a good concept to remove unwanted dead skin cells but be aware that the top layer, even though dead, is an important part of the structure of your skin and is vital to protect the skin.