Teenage Skins

What is happening to my skin: Up until puberty your  sebaceous gland in the skin has never  produced sebum (a type of oil that protects the skin)  when your  hormones of puberty  kick in so does the start of sebum. You will see an oiliness,  black heads you may even get red spots that can turn into white heads.  Your skin may feel rough and lumpy . At this stage the best thing to do is NOT PANIC. Go and tell a parent your skin is upsetting you and after reading this advice you will be clued up as to how to help it.

Does this sebum cause my spots? No sebum on its own will not be the cause of spots. It is a bit like making a cake you need more than one ingredient. Striping or over washing to remove sebum will not stop spots, if anything, it will cause other problems.

What is a white head? A white head is the sebum oil trapped under the skin.

What is a black head? A black head is the sebum trapped in the skin that goes black due to oxidation, not dirt.

What should I use to clean my skin? Gently, your skin is still young. We have done a pre-teen and a teenage skin study and found that over the counter skin care caused more problems, as they are too strong for young skins. We have now devised a simple and easy to use routine pop so we can help you understand how best to look after the skin.

Can I squeeze my black spots/ white heads? It is easy for us to say don’t squeeze as we are not the ones with the spot on our face. If you are going to squeeze, the only spots you can squeeze are the ones with white head that are at least a day to two days old .Only squeeze at night with very clean hands. After squeezing apply one drop of tea tree on to a wet ear bud and dab onto the head of the spot. Only squeeze once, over-squeezing will make matters worse.  Do not squeeze lumps under the skin this will cause more of a problem, do not squeeze black heads, you will only make them come back. If you are really upset and worried about your skin please come in and have a chat with our skin educators that will advise you as to how best look after your skin .

Will my skin get worse? That is the million dollar question and the answer is we do not know. What we do know is Acne is a hereditary  skin condition so if your mum dad uncle  or aunty  had it then there is a higher possibility of you getting more than the odd spot. We now work on preventative measure not the cure. So once your skin starts to change no matter how small get your mum to bring you in to spend 15mins to talking to us so we can give you all the tips tricks, advice and guidance to prevent the skin getting worse. One thing to know is we can not STOP SPOTS but we can prevent them from causing you distress upset  embarrassment and scars.

How do I get rid of my spots and stop my skin looking this way? In 20 years of looking after pre teen /teenage and acne skins we have of yet not found one thing to stop spots or for you not to have this problem. The adverts on TV promise you their product works .There are drugs you can get from the Doctor there are 100’s of treatments that promise to help.

Our word of warning is do not keep looking for the cure as if there was one we would not be writing this hand out and there would not be 100’s and 100’s of acne products on the market. We have worked with 100’s of skins, some of us have suffered with problem skin’s ourselves  so we can understand how you feel, we have also had our own teenagers with skin issues. We are very understanding fully  equipped to help you sort out your skin concerns. Together we will work with you and get you to have a skin you are happy with.

  • Teenage Skin Treatment £85.00
  • Product Advice £30.00

Please download our hand out on what to use .