Acne Treatments Advice and Tips


Acne comes in many different grades but even if you have only 1 or as many as 100 spots they can still effect your self-esteem. Help tackle any of your conditions with our acne treatments.


There are three main factors when it comes to problem skins:

  • Excess Keratinisationan excesses of dead skin cells.
  • Excess Oil SEBUM(this is normally stimulated by the hormone testosterone that is why acne is so prevalent in teenagers). In women due to fluctuation in our hormones spots can be the vain of our lives
  • A Bacteriafound around the opening of a hair shaft propionibacterium (P. acnes bacteria)

Mix all the above together and it can cause havoc.

Some of you will have the odd spot, some will have a selection and unfortunately some will have full blown acne. If one of your parents had acne there is a high chance you will. There is still a lot of information not known about the causes of acne – we cannot stop spots completely but our acne treatments can make a change to how many, how often and how much damage and acne scarring they leave. Most of us grow out of spots, our aim is to prevent them damaging the skin and causing acne scarring for life.

Understanding your own skin and what works for you will give you a lot more control over how your skin looks. There are no two skins alike and what acne treatment may work for one may not work for another. Remember to always be patient and don’t be afraid of a bit of trial and error with your acne treatments. You will soon get a clear understanding of what works best for you.

Some key points to be aware of.

  • Diet can play a part in aggravating your skin, just keep this in mind
  • Over use of too abrasive products can cause more problems. Your skin is dealing with a lot of changes and too many products will only upset it so remember less is more you don’t want to cause acne scarring.


The skin only needs to be gently cleansed, removing the grease and grime from the day and any make up if you wear it.

You need to cleanse and gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This is called excess keratinisation. This keratinisation can be one of the causes of spots – the secret with cleansing acne treatments is to remove this layer of dead skin without stripping the good oils. Please change your mind set, spotty skin is not dirty and does not need to be over-cleansed.


At puberty your body starts to make sebum. This is an oil substance made by the sebaceous gland. You will start seeing black heads on your nose and your skin can feel or appear shiny/oily. Over cleansing makes your skin feel tight and dry, this does not help with oil and will in actual fact make the cells produce more oil to compensate. Vitamin A  and Linoleic Acid & Linolenic Acid (Omega 6 & 3) has been proven to control the secretions of the sebaceous glands so that is works so well on Acne skin.


In theory squeezing spots is not advisable as you can do more damage to the skin, but we know you will! Follow these tips to avoid damage and acne scarring:

Under the skin spots: Do not squeeze! If you have to break the skin you will then cause a wound and this will scab and then mark the face and could lead to acne scarring. This mark will last 3 times longer than the spot. An under the skin spot can last a long time and they are best left alone.

If the spot has a head: Begin by cleaning both the skin and hands, any dirt that enters the spot will only cause more infection. Wrap each finger in a piece of tissue and gently squeeze the spot. Only squeeze once and apply some tea tree oil on a wet cotton bud. Just dab the head of the spot try not to touch the surrounding area. Only do this once otherwise you will dry the skin and cause more problems.

Please be aware that your skin is changing, so what may work at the start may need to be re-looked at once your skin starts to change. If your acne is due to a hormonal change once your hormones settle so will your acne. You may still get the odd break out from time to time. If by the age of 20/25 your spots have not changed then your problem could be diet or lifestyle related. A simple food intolerance test can tell you what foods could be the cause and if you eliminate these foods for 4 to 6 weeks you may see an improvement.


Are working on the bacteria that cause acne but due to the organism of this bacteria you will eventually become antibiotic resistant and they will no longer work. Being on antibiotics for a long time can create other health problems and may not always be the best solution.


Works on controlling your hormones  but taking synthetic hormones for a long period of time, especially just for your skin may not be suitable in the long run as you could be suppressing the problem and when you come of the pill the problem could still be there. This is something to keep in mind.


Acne treatment is a Vitamin A oral drug that stops production of oil within the body. Please do be aware of the serve side effects, I personally would only advise Roaccutaine when you have tried everything else and that includes seeing a professional.

I hope you have more of an understanding as to why you have spots and try not to let it get you down! If you just want to talk and understand things a little further or for information about our acne treatmentsthen please feel free to contact usor email us directly. 020 83417023