Rosacea Skin Treatments – Everything you need to know


This condition can start with an underlying redness and become an irritated  red rash on the centre panel of your face, spreading out from the nose to the checks.

Scientist now know rosacea is all related to a problem with your innate immune system which does not turn off meaning the skin assumes it is constantly under attack. The skin will be reactive to anything and that even includes water!

The types of rosacea vary from skin to skin. So what rosacea skin treatments may work for one may not be the answer for someone else. As of yet there is not a cure but with the correct supervision of a skin therapist the correct home care and an understanding of your own triggers, you can keep this skin condition under control.

The symptoms you will notice will start slowly and gradually progress with age, determining what causes your rosacea with help us decided which rosacea skin clinic treatments will work best for you:

  • Flushing of the face when you get hot, after alcohol or after excise
  • Skin will be reactive to products and lifestyle e.g  the sun
  • You can get red pimples around the nose and to the side of the face. These can come and go but some may stay
  • The skin can get hot to extent of feeling a burning sensation


  • Strengthen the skin barrier so the skin is not as reactive to the outside world.
  • Learn to understand your skin and what triggers the reaction
  • Look at taking some supplements such as Omega 3 and 6 as they have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Keep calm and do yoga! Relaxation techniques can also help.
  • Allowing this condition to upset you (which we know is easy to say) will not help your skin, stress can worsen the effects.

Know the triggers that can cause the skin to react. While the list of potential Rosacea triggers in various individuals may be endless, a survey of 1,066 Rosacea patients found that the most common factors included the following;

Emotional stress      81%

Hot weather              75%

Wind                          57%

Heavy exercise         56%

Alcohol                     52%

Hot baths                   51%

Cold weather              46%

Spicy foods               45%

Humidity                   44%

Indoor heat                41%

Heated beverages   36%

Certain cosmetics    27%

Medications              15%

Medical conditions  15%

Certain fruits             13%

Our rosacea treatmentsconsists of both home and clinic care. We supply are range of Dermaviduals or Environ Skin Care in conjunction with  LED and IPL skin treatment.