Are we fooled by advertising and packaging?

Apparently it helps fight the 7 signs of aging. I don’t know why the number 7, but Olay tell you there are 7 signs of aging and they pay very attractive models to sell their product so we believe the blurb and buy it.

How many of you actual turn the product around and read the ingredients on the back? Can you even see them? They’re normally in the smallest print and is probably written in white.

If you do happen to turn the product around do you actually know what the ingredients are? It’s all very scientific sounding and even If you do know, how do you know the source?

So how do you know that the cream is what it says it is on the front? Do we to easily believe the power of advertising? I think we do.

I am guilty of it, Not with skin care of course, but a new cleaner that promises to make my bath shine. Only last week I brought a product to unblock sinks and when I turned the package around I realised it was the exactly the same as bleach. Only difference is that they charge an extra 1.20 and the front bit said “unblocks sinks” while bleach only says, well, “bleach”. It really is so easy to fall for this stuff. We don’t think we do but we really do, all the time.

I can’t help with your sinks, buy I can when it comes to your skin. DON’T believe the front of packaging. Come and talk to us to get the correct skin care for your skin.


On a similar subject, I have a theory. Acne is a very big business. Acne skin products, spot creams, all this is a money making industry and how many of you can actually say their spots, blackheads or lumpy bumpy skin went away when they used an over the counter product? What if I told you these products will only make your skin worse?…Would you be shocked and dumbfounded? Well, let me give you my theory.

When you reach puberty, changes happen in your body and your skin. You start producing sebum (oil) and then you get blackheads. Depending on your hormones you may even get a spot or two. Of course you freak out and go and buy something from the chemist to help. All you can find is Pore Clean, Scrubs to clean and Blackhead remover. I appreciate you need to wash as you may start to have body odour but is the skin dirty? Does it need cleaning or do these products actually create more of a problem?

My theory is they DO and if we just gently wash our skin and gave the skin vital ingredients it needs during these hormonal changes we may never need these products and our skin will look after itself. We have had many years successfully treating pre teen and teenage skins acne. Come in and let us help you understand your skin.