Complexion was born from the sheer frustration we were experiencing first hand every day in our skin clinic. Too often we heard stories of people with skin concerns that had had been given the wrong advice or been misdiagnosed.

Our principle is simply to understand the skin and it’s concerns, and then to educate and support you in how you can help your skin.

Over the last 20 years we have changed many lives and many skins. However, we are very aware that not everybody can afford to visit a salon; but they still need help, so we created Complexion.

Complexion has enabled us to pass our knowledge and information to others .


  • We want to Stop you worrying.
  • We want to Stop you looking  for the miracle cure
  • We want to give you support
  • We want to work with you to help your skin.

Our Purpose
The purpose of Complexion is to help all of you that have a skin condition that affects your confidence

  • To give you unbiased advice, support and education in how to you can improve your skin
  • To help you to gain your confidence back as your skin starts to improve.
  • We want to pass on our knowledge and experience to those that need it the most .
    To learn more please go to the Complexion Site