Maintaining moisture in the skin

Moisturise from the inside if you are lacking in Omega 3, 6 this can cause your skin to dry out Drink plenty of water as our skins are 70% water and if we are dehydrated it will show

Exfoliate the old dead skin. Use an AHA with a body mitt to exfoliate any dead skin cells on the body and use a gentle muslin exfoliating cloth for the face. (Do not scrub or over exfoliate the face skin it is too harsh)

Hydrate the new skin – with a body cream
Beware of overheating i.e. hot baths and sitting in front of fires or heaters, they will dry you out more.

Hands and feet can be scrubbed and then apply a nourishing foot or hand cream, wearing cotton socks can help to hold on to the moisture

Lips, be aware of certain lip balms, as with over use you can actually over-dry the lips, I would reccomend Dermaviduals Oleogel which works as an all purpose balm.