Tips for caring for skin on a flight

– Remove your make up as it can dry your skin out

– Drink water regularly throughout your flight. Your skin is made up of 70% water flying can make you lose water and the sun will make the skin lose water so drinking will help to replace it.

– If your skin starts to feels tight apply some light moisturiser

– Avoid those little bags of pretzels and cans of soda. These can cause swelling and leave you puffy by the time you land

– Alcohol is a no-no. Alcohol is drying, instead, opt for ice water (boring I know, but your skin will thank you)

– When you land, carry on drinking water and keep the skin hydrated as the effects of flying on the skin can last depending on how long you were flying for – especially if you are then going to be in the sun.

– If you get very dry skin maybe take some Omega 3/6 before you fly and take some while you are away to get extra oil within the cells.