The Clarisonic

I have harped on about how we over-wash our skins and how it can actually be the cause of most of our skin complaints. The Clarisonic you allows you to get the clean feeling without the chance of striping the natural oils from the skin or compromising the skin.

It was created by the makers of the Sonicare tooth brush and the idea is the brush does not rotate but vibrates in an oscillating motion meaning it’s gentle to the skin.

Due to the gentle massage this helps with the skin’s circulation and lymph and it will also aid in the penetration of your skin care as it has a very natural exfoliation action. It sloughs only the dead skin cells the skin wants to lose – this leaves the skin soft and with a glow.

I do not feel the skin care that comes with the kit is as good as the brush system, your choice of cleanser is still an important thing to keep in mind, as I have explained before the relationship your skin has with your chosen skin products is 80% of achieving an even complexion. The Clarisonic may stop you needing an alcohol toner or a toner in general as you have removed all your make up and cleanser. I beg you not to use the Clarisonic with soap or any abrasive cleansers as this will only upset your skin – these skin care products will over strip the skin and are unnecessary.

Clarisonic advise you to use it every day but I am not sure how necessary that is. You have to listen to your skin; your skin will be the judge as to how often you can use it. If you experience any sensitivity or an increase in redness pull back on how often you use it. I would also suggest you do one cleanse first to remove the majority of make-up and grease and grime of the day then apply a smaller amount of cleanser and brush. The system has a timer and 1 minute is enough, do not think the longer you use it the better.

I am thrilled with this cleansing gadget as at long last you can all get that clean feel without upsetting your skin.

Visit the Clarisonic web sitewww.clarisonic.comfor further information.