Which skin cream do I choose?

The most difficult of purchases is that of a good skin cream.

How do you buy your skin cream?
Do you always buy the same cream and never deviate?
Do you buy a different cream every time as so far none work?
Do you follow what a celebrity use it sounds good so you buy it?


Does this cream work?
Can my skin recognise the ingredients in this cream?
How does this cream absorb in to my skin?
Does this cream actually improve my skin?

I am going to make it quick and simple so next time you are standing in the super market or the beauty counter you may have an idea as to what you are buying and putting on to your skin.


Skincare creams can be split into 2 categories: Cosmetics or Cosmeceuticals.

Cosmetic:Skin care are normally found at the beauty counter of Asda and Selfridges. They are all a form of a cosmetic product that have very little if any active ingredients. They will not change the skin or improve any problems long term and some can even exacerbate problems due to the ingredients they contain. Please do not think I am dismissing these creams as with any growing industry skin care has grown with the advancements in science and technology.

Cosmeceuticals: represent a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Like cosmetics, cosmeceuticals are topically applied, but they contain ingredients that influence the biological function of the skin. Cosmeceuticals improve appearance, but they do so by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Skin care products have moved on, the cleanse tone moistures has evolved. if you are serious about your skin then you need a serours skin care. Cosmeceuticals can improve skin tone, texture, and radiance, while reducing wrinkling. Cosmeceuticals are the fastest-growing segment of the skin care industry. These active ingredients can be Vitamin A Vitamin C Antioxidants with the correct level of these ingredients these creams will do inter react with the skin cells thus changing your skin.

Next time you go to pick up a skin cream ask is it a cosmetic cream or cosmeceutical cream that can improve your skin. As I have said before the front of any skin care is marketing hype the ingredient is the important part.

Please note the subject of cosmetic chemistry is huge, there are many books written on the subject if you wish to delve deeper the these books may help:

A Consumer Dictionary of Cosmetics Ingredientsby Ruth Winter

Cosmetic Chemistryby Florence Barret Hill