The differences between LED and IPL skin treatments

When looking at resolving skin concerns you may find yourself looking at LED light therapy and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments. These are popular as they are both proven to be effective in drastically improving your skin’s appearance. Although they both offer a ‘photofacial’, there are subtle differences between the two. So what does each different treatment do for the skin? Continue reading

What Are Black Heads?

The most common place to have black heads are the nose and the surrounding area, especially around the sides of the nose spreading out to cheeks. The chin is another area. If you have a problem with congested skin  black heads can appear over the whole face. Not all back heads are the same so will not be treated the same.

Black heads and white heads are dead skin cells piling up and sticking together inside the pore along with other debris such as sebum. This debris clumps together to form a plug inside the pore. Continue reading

Diffrent Types of Pigmentation

Melasma is most prevalent among women. It is most commonly found in women who are pregnant, using the contraceptive pill, or receiving hormone replacement therapy. Melasma is believed to be caused by over activation of melanocytes by the female sex hormones; estrogen and progesterone. This activation subsequently causes an increase in melanin production when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Melasma will develop gradually and is most commonly found on the cheek, nose, lips, and forehead.
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation results from increased melanin production due to an inflammatory response. Inflammation is caused when trauma occurs at the epidermal layers of the skin, and can be due to a number of reasons including picking spots, after a spot has gone down it can leave a pigmented lesion, after a flare up of dermatitis, after a skin injury, infections or an allergic reactions.
Liver Spots/Age Spots
Liver spots, also known as solar lentigos, are a form of skin pigmentation most associated with ageing and exposure to UV light. This is most common in people over the age of 40, as our skin begins to lose its ability to repair damage caused by sun/UV exposure. Liver spots are most commonly found on areas of skin most exposed to the sun – hands, arms, face and back, and are characterised by uneven patches of light brown to black skin pigment.

Treatments For Skin Pigmentation
The treatment of uneven skin pigmentation will be dependent on a host of factors including the type of pigmentation, cause of the pigmentation, at Face It offers a range of treatments, which are all effective methods to treat different types of skin pigmentation. Please do note the best time of year to treat pigmentation skins is in the Winter (September –April ) months as you are fighting a hard battle in the Summer months
Each of our Skin Specialists at Face It are trained to provide the best advice and treatments to help you achieve an even skin complexion. If you would like to organise a consultation with one of our experienced staff, please call us on 020 83401770

Skin Accumax


Clear natural skin - FlawlessFor many years the medical world  dismissed that certain foods you eat can cause problems with your skin. We see this all the time in our clinic that some foods can cause your spots to become worse or the foods that can be triggers in the fight with rosacea.

In the last 5 years we have worked with a skin supplement called Accumax and we have found this to be one of the answers in giving the body the correct foods to deal with improving the signs of acne and rosacea. If you do suffer from Spots Problem skin or rosacea we can stress enough to you that these supplements work . Please do go to the Accumax site to see for yourself the benefits they can have on your skin


Teenage Blackheads

Dermaviduals – treating teenage blackheads

  • This video shows how Dermaviduals should be the first choice skincare for teenage skins.
  • Applying just one enzyme skin renewal and soothing lotion at home and within 10 days all the blackheads on the nose disappeared – no extraction, no peeling and no abrasive products used.
  • This shows less is more. Give the skin what it wants and the skin will do the rest.

Read our article “What are Blackheads?

Before and after wills acne treatment

Teenage Acne Study

The Study: Can commercial cleansing and skin care routines cause more detriment to the skin ?

Our Study: A study group of 20 individuals, 10 male and 10 female from the ages of 14 -18. Each individual must have current or a history of problem skin, varying from grade 1-3 acne.

For more details please read our  Teenage Skin Study

Eczema – Everything you need to know

eczemaEczema: Old Facts and New Facts

In recent years there have been many new studies on the physiology of the skin. These new studies can help us improve an Eczema skin. They do not give us an explanation as to why certain types of skins get Eczema but they can point us in a positive direction when it comes to easing the symptoms and controlling a flare-up and its re-occurrence.

Under the heading of Eczema we can cover skin conditions such as dermatitis, contact dermatitis, ichthyosis dry skin, etc. These new studies come from the theory of Corneotherapy. These studies began in the ’90s and were then reviewed in March 2011.

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